“The safety and health of Johnson and Jordan team members is our top priority.  Everyone goes home safe and healthy – every day.”

Management Commitment and Responsibilities

Johnson & Jordan’s strong safety culture is achieved through collaboration and cooperation of employees and management.  Management provides the resources for our safety program, and is committed to the following general responsibilities:

  1. To provide a work environment that protects employees from occupational injuries and illnesses.
  2. To design, implement, and monitor company safety policies and procedures.
  3. To lead annual reviews in company safety programs and procedures, and to make corrections and improvements as necessary.
  4. To provide methods for employee feedback and input on company safety and health programs.
  5. To ensure that periodic work hazard assessments are conducted.
  6. To set safety and health improvement goals and create action plans for achieving those goals.
  7. To clearly establish the safety and health responsibilities of all employees, and to include them in written job descriptions.
  8. To provide required safety and health training to employees.
  9. To include safety and health as part of employee periodic evaluations.
  10. To ensure that visitors receive appropriated training on the hazards they will be exposed to.
  11. To ensure that contractors employed on the site have a commitment to safety excellence and meet the same requirements of company safety programs.
  12. To provide recognition to employees who demonstrate outstanding commitment to safety and health.

The Key Elements of How J&J Stays Safe:

  • A team of 290+ safety trained team members
  • An Incident Rate for 2019 that was 16% lower than the mechanical trades industry average
  • 100% fall protection required at 6’ or above
  • Mandatory PPE requirements includes hardhats, safety glasses, work boots, & hand protection
  • Weekly Toolbox Talks, Daily Safety Huddle’s, JHA’s on significant task activities
  • Safety Department headed by CSP
  • Daily documented jobsite assessment by safety staff
  • Ongoing safety training for all employees
  • Front line supervisor training in safety & leadership
  • Safety accountability at all levels
  • Accident investigation process
  • Safety Committee
  • New employee safety orientation process