Why your property needs Irrigation Services

Adding an irrigation sprinkler system will increases a business or home’s value by enhancing its overall curb appeal.  Attractive landscaping requires plenty of watering in key areas. Adding an irrigation sprinkler system will automatically do the watering for you without the hassle and worry of over-watering or under-watering. Keeping your property beautiful.

J&J is happy to meet with you to discuss your irrigation needs. This includes the benefits of controlled watering, which is the most effective way to enhance mother nature and save water. After we meet, you will receive an outline with a drawing for your unique property setup based on the information we collect along with your estimate.

We offer free estimates for commercial and residential irrigation design, repair, maintenance, and backflow testing. To get started, call J&J’s irrigation division at our main office in Scarborough at (207) 883-8345. Or use our website contact form.