Special Projects

Johnson & Jordan’s Special Projects Division goes beyond simple replacements. The Special Projects Division develops holistic solutions that will ensure new systems effectively meet our customers’ needs. Whether a customer needs new equipment or an end-to-end retrofit of an existing facility, we go the extra mile by developing an in-depth understanding of how our customer’s space is used.

Special Projects offers a full range of Design/Build solutions as well as Design Assist or Plan and Spec. Many of our projects are located within fully occupied and operational facilities. Due to this, we deliver our services via trained professionals who practice pre-planning in order to minimize disruptions that can come from construction noise, dust, traffic, and system shut downs.

Our Team of Engineers and Technicians in Special Projects Focus On:

  • Installations
  • Tenant Finishes
  • Retrofitting of Existing Systems
  • Replacement of Existing HVAC Equipment